10 Candid Celebrity Quotes About Divorce


    Divorce can be ugly. And when the spotlight is on you, separating from your partner becomes a headline and topic of conversation worldwide. In rare moments of vulnerability, celebrities have opened up about the most difficult times of their lives and how they got through it. Whether it was their age, incompatibility, or fame, something didn’t stick for these couples. Here’s what 30 stars have to say about why they got divorced and what they learned through the process.

    1James Marsden

    James Marsden

    “When the divorce happened, it was the first time I felt I lost my equilibrium,” the Westworld star told Men’s Health in May 2018. “It was scary and sad and made me pull everything into focus. I needed to focus on what was important,” he says. “So that’s who I am now because of that. I know regrets can be catalysts for good things. Not to talk like a Hallmark card, but it’s true.”



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