15 Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Lung Cancer


    Whether they were heavy smokers or never touched a cigarette, many celebrities across all decades have battled lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths  in the United States. While some of them have been more outspoken about their experience with the disease, others died before their diagnosis was even revealed. Here, 20 famous men and women who have battled lung cancer, the symptoms and treatments they faced, and how their legacy still lives on.

    1Peter Jennings

    ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings

    The famed ABC World News Tonight anchor was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005. “As some of you now know, I have learned in the last couple of days that I have lung cancer. Yes, I was a smoker until about 20 years ago, and I was weak and I smoked over 9/11,” he said with a scratchy voice during his broadcast on April 5, 2005. “But whatever the reason, the news does slow you down a bit.” He passed away on August 7, 2005 at age 67.



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